MOZMED Project Gurúè – until November 2015

MOZMED Gurúè – this project was terminated in November 2015

The MOZMED project in the Gurúè District was set up and started in 2012. This project was co-financed by the macadamia processing company, G&F nuts, active in the same area. The MOZMED team, consisting of a medical doctor, dentist and nurse, made visits to this beautiful district known for its tea plantations, forests and mountains. During the week, visits were made to the district hospital in Gurúè and four more remote health centres. Medical and dental consultations were held and education, in the form of bedside teaching, was given to the medical staff.

Biweekly educational sessions were given to the 25 health volunteers. This group of volunteers received education on relevant health issues, such as HIV-AIDS, diarrhoea and malaria. The volunteers then returned to their own communities where the disseminated the various health messages to their families, friends and other community members.

The MOZMED team itself also made frequent visits to villages to reinforce these health messages within the communities and to make home visits to bed-ridden or severely ill patients.