MOZMED Project Moma – until August 2014

MOZMED Moma – this project was terminated in August 2014

The MOZMED Project in the Moma District started in 2009 and was co-financed by KENMARE Resources plc, active in the same district.

Biweekly visits were made to this coastal district by the MOZMED team (medical doctor, dentist and nurse). Six remotely situated health centres were visited during the week and both medical as well as dental consultations were held and education was given to the health staff.

In addition, health volunteers received training in relevant health issues on a fortnightly basis. With this knowledge the volunteers returned to their communities where they disseminated various health messages to their families, friends and other community members.

Each week a village would be visited by the MOZMED team, together with the volunteers whom performed a theatre piece concerning one or other health issue, including HIV-AIDS, malaria or diarrhoea. Home visits were also made to consult with bed-ridden and severely ill patients.