About SAM


SAM (Support African Mission) was founded in 2000. It is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that collaborates with local organisations and people in supporting and improving medical and other services in remote areas of Africa. Since 2009 SAM is involved in mainly medical projects in Mozambique. The organisation also supports various other projects in Africa, which aim to improve the quality of life of people. An example is supporting educational projects and children´s activities.

SAM is motivated and inspired by the Christian faith.  

Goal and working method of our health projects

Our goal is to offer medical care and support existing health structures in geographically remote areas of Africa where people have limited excess to health care.

We try to assist the already existing health infrastructure. Staff of local clinics are supported and trained and the local community is given health education.


In implementing the MOZMED projects, SAM works in close collaboration with Ambassador Aviation Lda (former Mission Aviation Fellowship, Mozambique) and Missão Betesda em Moçambique. Both organisations are based in Nampula. SAM also supports projects in Nampula including Estrela da Manha and Deus Abençoe a África.


The Foundation Support African Mission (SAM) was founded in the Netherlands in 2000 and registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and has been designated an official charitable institution by the Dutch Tax Administration. Since its foundation, SAM has continued to support, amongst others, medical projects in Africa.

It all started with the support of the Nkhoma Mission Hospital in Malawi. Pim and Willemijn de Lijster worked there between 1999 and 2003. Together with Pim and Willemijn, SAM iniciated the MOZMED (Mozambique Medical) project in 2008. The MOZMED projects in the Moma and Gurúè Districts were completed in 2014 and 2015, after which new projects were started in other areas, including a new MOZMED project in the Niassa Province.