Training and Education

Training and education in the MOZMED projects is twofold. Both training and education are given to health volunteers who then disseminate health message amongst the community members. However, health education is also given directly to the communities by means of theatre pieces and instructions in constructing tippy tap water taps and latrines.

During the MOZMED projects in Moma and Gurúè, a committed group of volunteers supported the MOZMED team in various clinics and communities. A couple of time a year training was organised to equip the volunteers with knowledge of various health and hygiene issues, thus enabling them in disseminating this information within their communities. Health information was also spread directly by the MOZMED team to the communities, including topics such as oral hygiene, general hygiene, the importance of latrines and tippy taps. «Estrela de Manhã» continues with these activities in its own project.


SAM is honoured to be able to contribute to the education of motivated volunteers and clinic staff. We would like to present Mário and José.

Mário worked as a clinical techinician (nurse) at the Larde Health Centre (part of the MOZMED Project in Moma). He demonstrated exceptional commitment and motivation and an interest in studying medicine. Mário started his Medical studies at the Catholic University of Beira in 2013. In 2020 he completed his studies and has returned to Larde, on his own request, to work as medical doctor in the local hospital. SAM is delighted that Mário had the opportunity to study medicine thanks to your interest and donations. We are very proud of his determination, interest and medical qualities.

José was one of our volunteers in the Gurúè MOZMED project. He showed interest in nursing. With the support of SAM, he started his training to become nurse in Nampula in 2017. He expects, after a short delay due to COVID-19, to terminate his studies in 2021, after which to continue working as nurse. José may possibly return to work as nurse in his home district.