MOZMED projects in Mozambique


The MOZMED Projects and other projects in Mozambique supported by SAM, all collaborate closely with the local health authorities. Mozambique has ten provinces, of which each capital has a referral hospital (the three largest are found in Maputo, Beira and Nampula). Provinces are divided into districts, of which each district in turn has its own district hospital. In addition, each district has various health centres dispersed throughout its territory. These health centres are usually manned by a registered nurse and a midwife. Mozambique is a vast country with a coastline extending for more than 3000 km. To reach a health centre, people sometimes need to walk for hours.


The northern provinces of Mozambique are remote and difficult to access. As health clinics are few and far apart, people often need to travel large distances to reach appropriate medical care. there are few. For this reason, amongst others, there is great need for medical care in this region. The MOZMED project has been initiated by SAM, to help improve the health situation in this region.


The MOZMED project aims to facilitate medical care in various districts in Northern Mozambique. The first MOZMED project in the Moma District (Nampula Province) started in 2009 and was completed after 5 years in 2014. The second project in the Gurúè District (Zambézia Province) got underway in 2012 and developed into a successful project. This project was terminated in 2015. In 2019 a new MOZMED Project was started in the Niassa National Reserve in the Niassa Province.

Mobile Clinic Teams

Visits to the health centres are made by a mobile clinic team, consisting of a medical doctor, dentist and nurse. In doing so, the local community living in the area, receives a broader range of medical care. During these visits, the team consults with patients and trains local medical personnel and health volunteers. The team also disseminate health information in the communities.

Flying Doctor

The first MOZMED Project was started in the Moma District and the second in the Gurúè District. Due to the remoteness of both districts (at least six hours by road from Nampula), Ambassador Aviation Lda. (MAF Mozambique) was used to transport the MOZMED team from Nampula to the districts. The collaboration with Ambassador Aviation continues with the MOZMED project in Niassa, which started in 2019.

A Flying Doctor system has been developed by which severely ill patients can be transported by air to a referral hospital if the patient is unable to await one of the regular flights (Monday and Friday). Patient transport is organised in close collaboration with Ambassador Aviation Lda.

Corporate World and Development Aid

Both past MOZMED projects were supported by locally based companies. This collaboration  has a synergistic effect; the company supports financially, whilst the project contributes to the development and well-being of the surrounding communities. This collaboration between a local company and a health project results in a form of sustainable development.

MOZMED Niassa, as with both past MOZMED projects, is linked to the Chuilexi Conservancy as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In the Moma District, the MOZMED team worked together with the ´community development department´ of the KENMARE mine. In Gurúè, the MOZMED team worked in collaboration with a Macadamia farm, part of G&F Nuts, supported by the Talentos Investment Group. Both companies wanted to make a positive contribution and contribute in the development of the surrounding communities. Both these MOZMED projects demonstrated how partnership between the corporate world and an NGO´s development project can reach this goal.

For the MOZMED project in Moma, we closely collaborated with KENMARE mine /KMAD and in Gurúè with a Macadamia Farm, G&F Nuts New Spring Foundation

MOZMED Niassa is run in close collaboration with the Chuilexi Conservancy in the Niassa National Reserve