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SAM Foundation – Official Charitable Institution.

Because of its status as official charitable institution, SAM is obliged by Dutch law to reveal the following information.

SAM is registrated by the Dutch Tax Administration under number: 8093.53.544.

SAM´s physical address is: Buntlaar 34, 4844 TP Terheijden, The Netherlands.

The board consists of the following members: Please click here

As volunteers, the board members are eligible for compensation. However, the members may waive this right. The goal and strategy plan of the organisation can be found on the website. In broad, the present strategy is to support (medical) projects in Africa, namely in Mozambique, and in seeking funds in doing so.

The financial year for the organisation is the same as a calendar year. The latest annual report is as follows:

Annual reports for 2021 and 2022 available here, in Dutch:

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ACTIVITIES for the SAM foundation (Support African Mission Foundation) in 2021 and 2022


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic during this year, which led to the isolation of several countries for an extended period, SAM has been able to continue to support its projects in Mozambique and Kenia during this period. We have had the opportunity to support the “Deus Abençõe à África” project with €500 per month. This amount is being used to reimburse costs by the project’s volunteers. Medication, clothes and soap have also been purchased meeting the needs of the children admitted in the Central Hospital of Nampula, Mozambique. During this year, the SAM Foundation also terminated paying tuition fees for nursing student «José». José graduated in July and is now working as a nurse within the “Estrela de Manhã” project. The “Estrela de Manhã” project is indirectly supported by the SAM Foundation with medical equipment and maintenance and repair costs for one of the cars used for this project. This year, SAM also had new t-shirts with logo made for the staff and volunteers of this project and those assisting in the “Missão Betesda em Moçambique” projects.

Due to COVID-19, schools in Kenya have been closed for a long time. “Ruth’s Shelter” Foundation has decided to continue the meals project by providing children with a meal at home. SAM Foundation was able to contribute financially to this project.

The chairman of the Foundation visited Mozambique in November. He was able to admire the work of the medical team (including nurse José) in the remote clinics and the home visits of the volunteers of “Estrela de Manhã” in the Raphale District, Namula. He also visited the work of “Deus Abençõe à África” and “Casa Nutrir” in Nampula city. As a medical doctor he participated in clinics in Mariri and Chiulexi (Niassi) for 2 days in collaboration with “Mission Aviation Fellowship”.


This year, the SAM Foundation contributed €600 per month to “Deus Abençoe à África”. The amount increased from €500 to €600 per month in view of the higher costs of purchasing medication for children admitted in the various hospitals in Nampula. It was also decided to support “Casa Nutrir”, a project in Nampula that follows up and supports severely malnourished children and their mothers. This project recently purchased a property and the SAM Foundation has agreed to contribute to the necessary renovations with €3000. Despite the repairs to the Land Rover that took place in Johannesburg last year at SAM’s expense, some unexpected repairs were needed to the clinic car this year. Parts for this car and logistics for the transport of these parts were arranged by the SAM Foundation.

In June, the chairman of the Foundation visited Malawi and Tête province, Mozambique, in collaboration with a delegation from the Dutch Reformed Church of the Cape, South Africa. “Missão Betesda em Moçambique” is considering to take over and further develop a medical project in Tete, which is currently led by the local church. During this trip the chairman worked as a medical doctor during a 2-day fly-in clinic in Niassa, organized by “Missão Betesda em Moçambique”, in collaboration with “Mission Aviation Fellowship”.