Annual Report

SAM Foundation – Official Charitable Institution.

Because of its status as official charitable institution, SAM is obliged by Dutch law to reveal the following information.

SAM is registrated by the Dutch Tax Administration under number: 8093.53.544.

SAM´s physical address is: Buntlaar 34, 4844 TP Terheijden, The Netherlands.

The board consists of the following members: Please click here

As volunteers, the board members are eligible for compensation. However, the members may waive this right. The goal and strategy plan of the organisation can be found on the website. In broad, the present strategy is to support (medical) projects in Africa, namely in Mozambique, and in seeking funds in doing so.

The financial year for the organisation is the same as a calendar year. The latest annual report is as follows:

Jaarrekening Stichting SAM 2020 ANBI

Jaarrekening Stichting SAM 2019 ANBI